East Cobb Barber Shop A Real Barber Shop in East Cobb/Marietta Georgia

We are an owner operated 1950's style barber shop. We get to know our customers, and we'd like to get to know you too. Now a little about us . . .

Linda and Dee - great haircuts from great barbers in East Cobb/Marietta GA

Linda (left) and Dee (right), owners and barbers at Festival Barber Shop


Dee received a dual Barber / Cosmetology license in 1991 in her home state of New Mexico. In 1988 she married an Air Force man. She worked part time in the base barber shop wherever they were stationed. Her family has lived here for more than 12 years. She worked with Linda at Dobbins for two years before they bought the shop together.

Dee has three children and two grandchildren.


Linda has just begun her retirement! If you want to keep in touch, let Dee know.


Jerri, barber at Festival Barber Shop


Jerri has had her barber license since 1993. She's been at Festival Barbers since 2003. Growing up a minister's daughter, she has lived in many different states. Her entire family has settled in Atlanta. Jerri is married and has a teen age son.